Crystals for Beginners

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” -Nikola Tesla

My personal collection of stones! I have many smaller palm stones as well, but I typically keep them scattered and in different places depending on how I’m feeling.

So you’re giving into the hype and you want to know what this whole crystal thing is all about. I don’t blame you! They make for beautiful decor and they’re something tangible that you can refer to for specific feelings, ailments, or imbalances. Don’t let people make you think that crystals are for witches or people who worship satan…. because those things have absolutely nothing to do with crystals in the slightest. People of all religions, beliefs, and ages can use crystals in their every day lives.

Even if you don’t believe in the “influence” or “power” of crystals, you can still use them as a piece to inspire your daily mantras or remind yourself to attract positive thoughts and things.

This post is mainly intended for people who are just getting started in the world of using crystals and want a guide of what to get, what to read, and what crystals can do for you. I am by no means a “crystal master” or “guru,” I just have a love for them and I have a habit of obsessively researching anything I become interested in. So if you ARE a crystal guru, feel free to share some love or knowledge 🙂

Some references in here are taken from books or websites*

My Go-To Reading Materials:

The first book I bought was The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. This is basically an encyclopedia for your common stones, a reference to what they look like, what they can do for you, etc. It’s a really great reference and, in my opinion, essential for beginners. It doesn’t overwhelm you with too much information either. I also love Elemental Energy by Kristin Petrovich. It goes into how she found her love of crystals and their multiple uses especially in the realm of beauty. It’s a very basic stone reference book in terms of how many she goes over, but she also provides ways to charge them/cleanse them, use them in beauty elixirs, and balance your chakras with them.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with information and stick to the basics when you’re starting out. If you don’t want to invest in books, there are tons of websites that have great information as well. Google is a beautiful thing.

What Stones Should You Start With?

At the end of the day you should choose crystals you are drawn to and that speak to you, but these are my personal favorites. There are so many others out there that I implore you to look at as well, but these are great starter stones!

Clear Quartz:


Clear quartz is arguably the first stone you should start with. It’s a universal crystal that works for a multitude of things, plus it’s easy to come by and not too expensive. Its known as the “master healer” and can be used for any condition (think headaches, body aches, anxiety attacks, etc.)

It helps bring about overall well-being, balances all chakras (especially the crown), and it’s great for meditation! Sometimes I lay with a small palm stone on my forehead and try to direct all my thoughts into the stone, and afterwards I feel so refreshed. I keep clear quartz just about everywhere in my house.

Rose Quartz:


Rose quartz is my favorite stone out of all of them, probably because I’m drawn to the beautiful pink colors! Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, especially self-love. It’s also extremely beneficial for the heart chakra.

I love to keep this stone by my bed. Since it’s calming and replaces negative energy with loving energy, it’s great for people who experience bad dreams or trouble sleeping. It also attracts romantic love, so if you’re on the hunt for someone special, keep this stone by your side. Even if you’re in a relationship now, it can amplify the loving energy in your home.

Green Aventurine:


The stone of luck! This one’s purpose is easy to remember since it’s green, like money honey! It’s said it’s great for boosting your chances in any situation- but take that with a grain of salt…. Putting a piece of green aventurine on your lottery ticket might leave you disappointed. However this stone makes it easy to manifest wealth and prosperity- so you can attract more money by realistic means.

This stone is also great for something like a first date. It brings about confidence and allows new growth to take place, a perfect crystal to encourage a new relationship to flourish.



Also a great stone for attracting prosperity, this crystal is known as the abundance stone. Whether that abundance mean money or success. Citrine is typically a yellow color, so it’s easy to remember that it’s powered by the sun. It’s what gives the stone its energizing vibe!

Citrine also never needs to be cleansed because it doesn’t harbor negative energy. Keep this stone around to encourage positive energy and turning your dreams into reality!

Black Tourmaline:


Black tourmaline is a fantastic stone to shield negative energy. I use this stone a ton, especially when I’ve had a mentally taxing day. Working with the public can be particularly draining, and whether you realize it or not, you can absorb the energies of those around you. Ever had a conversation with someone who was extremely negative and by the end of it, you just want to take a nap? Black tourmaline will help protect you and your sanity.

Wonderful for dispelling negative thoughts and emotions within yourself, black tourmaline also encourages positive thinking. If you spend a lot of time on your phone (who doesn’t) or around TV/computers, it also protects against electronic “smog”. Wearing this stone around your neck or keeping it in your pocket is a great way to experience the benefits.

Tiger’s Eye:


This one is really great for people who need help with accomplishing goals or following through with commitments. Also having the energy of the sun, it energizes and helps drive one towards goals. I put this one around when I have a lot of crap I have to get done and I’m not in the mood to do any of it. So like, most days.



Amethyst is such a gorgeous stone with a beautiful range of purple colors. No matter what form you buy it in, it’s such a great decor piece. An interesting fact about amethyst is that it was once worn to prevent drunkenness, and it’s great for combating addiction.

A calming stone, amethyst is another great one to keep next to your bed for peaceful sleep. Also great for people who suffer from anxiety! Put calming and loving intention into this stone and it will vibrate wonderful healing energy.

Smoky Quartz:


I always make my boyfriend take smoky quartz with him when he travels for work. It’s a wonderful protection stone, both physically and mentally. It also helps relieve stress so if you’re in a profession that brings about a lot of that, consider keeping a chunk at your desk!

It’s got a great grounding energy and helps balance the root chakra, making you feel safe. If you’re unaware of which chakras of yours might be closed, take this quiz.

Lapis Lazuli:


Lapis Lazuli is really great for people who suffer from migraines. I love putting this on my “third eye” and laying down to focus on healing myself. It also helps with any spiritual journey and brings about self-knowledge. It’s also said to aid in people suffering from depression and mental strain in general.

This stone also allows for self-expression and encourages self-awareness. Great for the third eye and throat chakra, it’s fantastic for active listening, which is important for any relationship to flourish.

Finding Crystals


Depending on where you live, you may or may not have a metaphysical store within driving distance. Places that have a “hippy vibe” might have more. Think places that sell tapestries and incense. In Boise there are a few! If you live around me, try Eyes of the World, Earthlight Minerals, or Crone’s Cupboard.

If you don’t have access to one or you hate going to stores; they sell crystals on Etsy, ebay, etc. I got my bigger obelisks (the tall ones with a point) online at eBay. You can find them for a really reasonable price, because the ones you find in the metaphysical stores can get pretty damn expensive. The only problem is the bidding wars you get into, that will just hurl me into a ball of stress and anxiety. The good news is after you win the crystal, you can use it to calm yourself down.


If you’re just starting to get into crystals- I hope this post was helpful!

There is so much more to learn and see when it comes to crystals. Do your research and again, always buy stones that feel right to you! If you have any questions, need help finding a stone that would be great for you, or just have something to add- feel free to comment!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Shelby


*pictures shown were found on Pinterest and are not my own unless stated otherwise

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